This is the age at which a woman begins to age

This is the age at which a woman begins to age
This is the age at which a woman begins to age

The main signs of aging are visible on the face, when wrinkles or expression lines appear; This is why women invest time and large sums of money in caring for this area; Nevertheless, this is a natural process that all people will have to face at some point in their life.

It is important to mention that some bad habits such as smoking, excessive and unprotected sun exposure, lack of physical activity, poor diet and poor hydration can accelerate this process. Some experts recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet that contains protein, carbohydrates in their natural state, lots of fruits and vegetables; to prevent this process from arising earlier than expected and to be able to maintain the organs of the body in good condition.

The middle The country In its health section, it mentions some recommendations that women should keep in mind as they age. Before putting them into practice, it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor who approves the indications.

  • vaginal infections: Sheila Argüelles, a gynecologist from Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja, explains that “humidity caused by sweat in the vaginal region increases the risk of vulvolvaginitis. It is advisable to start showering with a specific gel with a pH between 4.5 and 5, since the conventional one alters the vaginal flora by reducing the production of lactic acid, the great protector against infections”.
  • Regular cycles: It is common that at this age, menstruation begins to arrive cyclically; In addition, the medium mentions that this is the golden age of sexual desire since, in general, you always want to have an encounter of this nature.
  • Skin care will determine many things in the future: “The excesses of the 20s translate into spots and wrinkles at the age of 40, although there are more and more young people who come to the consultation worried about protecting themselves before the age of 30”, says the dermatologist Isabel Aldanondo, from the Pedro Jaén Group.
Wrinkles in the mouth and nose appear at an early age. – Photo: Getty Images
  • Acne: Christin Collier points out in a study that 35.2% of women over the age of 30 suffer from acne. “The ideal is to keep the pores unclogged so that the excess sebum comes out without problems and does not become infected. For this, it is recommended to wash the face morning and night with a purifying gel with salicylic acid”, explains Mercedes Abarquero, scientific director of Vichy.
  • Change the appearance of the breasts: it is common for women before the age of 30 to have a child; This is why pregnancy and lactation cause the breasts to suffer fluctuations in volume, which makes them tend to fall. According to some experts, aging begins at this age.
  • Dental problems: between 60% and 75% of pregnant women suffer from gingivitis, as pointed out by the American Association of Dentists in its report Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations. Women’s oral health issues (2006). Therefore, it is recommended to increase hygiene measures during the gestation stage.
  • Baldness: By the age of 48, 25% of women suffer from diffuse female alopecia. The reasons for this condition can be genetic, hormonal or environmental. “The thickness of each hair goes from 0.06 mm to 0.03 mm or less. In addition, there are more hair follicles in the telogen phase (loss) than in the anagen phase (growth)”, explains the Laser Medical Institute.
  • Bone fragility: when menopausal estrogens drop they cause bone loss. The US National Osteoporosis Foundation sums it up as follows. “Approximately one in two women over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. In fact, a woman’s risk of fracturing her hip at this age is equal to the sum of her risk from breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer.”

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