Who was the woman who died glamping in Cundinamarca?

Who was the woman who died glamping in Cundinamarca?
Who was the woman who died glamping in Cundinamarca?

At the beginning of this week, the case of a woman who suffocated to death in a glamping, a hybrid space that is located outdoors, but has hotel amenities; It was learned that she died in the municipality of Manta, Cundinamarca, and the cause was due to intoxication.

Added to this, the woman was with her sentimental partner who, luckily, did not have the same fate, but is in a compromised state of health because, according to statements, both were exposed to a gas leak that took up all the space they were in; Before that, it had been reported that another cause could have been the air conditioning.

Even when the case was known, the identity of those affected was not known and in an interview with Snail News it was learned that the victim is Deisy Yamile Riaño. Her sister, Claudia Marcela Riaño, spoke with the aforementioned medium and clarified details of what happened at that glamping where Deisy stayed with her partner.

The first-degree relative revealed that an official report has not yet been obtained in which the authorities in charge of investigating this case clarify the facts. Indeed, the woman’s family had to go to Manta to start looking for finds.

According to the words of her sister, Deisy Yamile Riaño was a professional in business administration and went on a trip with her boyfriend Fabián Guillermo Sarmiento last Saturday, April 9, to Manta, a municipality located in the northeast of Cundinamarca. The man was working as a soccer referee, he controlled some matches and then he went with Deisy to the aforementioned glamping, since they could not find a hotel to stay.

On the site there was a gas heater that was “badly installed with a PVC pipe”. The family member says that the couple turned it on, but the device had a leak and they fell asleep. Without turning it off, on Sunday, April 10, Deisy Yamile Riaño did not wake up.

“Unfortunately my sister doesn’t wake up, until almost one or two in the afternoon, that’s when the owner of the glamping tries to knock to see what was happening and since they don’t answer, he breaks the glass and that’s when they find my sister and my brother-in-law almost dying, “said the sister of the deceased.

Of course, Claudia Marcela Riaño called for more attention to Deisy’s case. “I call for justice to be done. We have been revictimized in every way and we have no response from the authorities (…) She was a woman full of dreams, with a life project and love, “she specified.

Likewise, he said that together with his family they went to the glamping and noticed that the gas heater that allegedly had the leak had already been uninstalled. In fact, he claimed that They had been told that her sister’s death was due to the consumption of psychoactive substances, but she denied that story. “My sister did not present any substance in her body, nor did my brother-in-law,” he added.

Similarly, he revealed that the forensic doctor said that Deisy’s body had carbon monoxide, but the tests will be delivered within 90 days.

As for Fabián Guillermo Sarmiento, the relative of the deceased said that he is in the Intensive Care Unit. “We are thanking God for giving him this new opportunity, but he is very ill because he had a stroke; his lungs and his brain from the monoxide are very affected, they extubated him and we are waiting for a response so that he improves. I don’t really know what the sequels are going to be like,” she concluded.

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