Verstappen busts Hamilton for trying to buy Chelsea

Verstappen busts Hamilton for trying to buy Chelsea
Verstappen busts Hamilton for trying to buy Chelsea
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Mexico City / 04.22.2022 06:30:31

An new bombshell has occurred in Formula 1since Lewis Hamilton contributed 24 million euros in it consortium headed by the favorite a purchase to the ChelseaSir Martin Broughton. This situation called the attention by Max Verstappen, who was questioned by journalists about this information. The Dutch pilot did not save anything and sent a ‘recadito’ to the English.

I am a fan of PSV (Eindhoven) and I would never buy Ajax. And if I were to buy a football club, I would like to be the full owner and make the decisions myselfnot just owning a small percentage,” said Checo Pérez’s teammate at Red Bull.

Nevertheless, Verstappen’s dart did not stop theresince he assured in a certain sarcastic tone that I thought it was going to Arsenala situation for which it would be striking to want to be part of the new management of Chelsea.

“Hamiltons? I thought he was an Arsenal fannot? If you’re an Arsenal fan going for Chelsea, that’s pretty interesting.… But everybody does what they want with their money, so let’s see what comes out of that.”

Hamilton was ‘justified’

A few days before competing in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton confirmed to the media that he had invested in the group header for Broughton. Besides, somehow he answered Verstappen ensuring that he is a great fan of football in general.

“I have been a great soccer fan, I have played from 4 to 17 years old… I wanted to be part of it and I followed Arsenal, but my uncle was from Chelsea. I like sports… I saw and heard this opportunity“.

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