Argentina will register 40 degrees, hail and snow during the weekend

Argentina will register 40 degrees, hail and snow during the weekend
Argentina will register 40 degrees, hail and snow during the weekend

In this sense, the specialist remarked that “these are temperatures above the usual for this month, but it is not something atypical, since it is normal for these events to happen; in fact, 35 degrees were recorded in the middle of winter.”

In addition, he specified that the absolute temperature record for April in the provinces of this region is 38 degrees.

Fernandez also noted that this event “will be brief” and not a situation that will be recorded throughout the fall and detailed that “as of Wednesday a cold front enters the region” that will cause a decrease in thermal marks.

This situation occurs “due to the succession of several low pressure systems that will also cause intense snowfall in the Cuyo mountain range and northern and central Patagonia.”

On the other hand, he warned that snow fall in these places “it will not be constant, but it will be recurrent, so it can reach two meters of snow accumulation.”

It is expected that, from tonight, the winds intensify in the center of the Pampean region, south of Buenos Aires, Neuquén, the Río Negro mountain range and the southwest of Mendoza, where, in addition, a zonda event is expected in the latter province.

In sectors of the Patagonian plateau “there could also be some rain and snowfall, but with accumulations much lower than those of the mountain range,” the SMN detailed and remarked that It is extremely important to “follow closely” the updates of the forecasts and the Early Warning System (SAT).

These low pressure fronts that will originate in Patagonia will cause cold fronts that will begin to move and advance towards the northeast of the country leaving in its wake “events of rains and storms that could be intense” and it is possible that, during these ten days, some sectors of the center of the country and the coast could be affected by rains that exceed 100 millimeters.

Fernández remarked that from Sunday night or early Monday, a period will begin that will affect the north and east of Buenos Aires “including the metropolitan area, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Corrientes with instability, rains and storms, which in some areas can be quite intense.

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