International Book Day: Mexico, with low reading index: Upaep

International Book Day: Mexico, with low reading index: Upaep
International Book Day: Mexico, with low reading index: Upaep

“We need to fall in love with reading, reading is all we need”paraphrased from a song from the sixties the teacher David Sanchez Sanchezdirector of the Bachelor of Humanities and Cultural Management and director of the Master of Historical Studies at UPAEP.

The above during his participation in the conference “What about the reading rates in Mexico? The importance of reading for the development of critical thinking”offered by the aforementioned institution within the framework of the International Book Daywhich is commemorated every April 23.

The university official regretted that According to UNESCO calculations, there are 2.8 percent of regular readers in Mexico.a figure well below that reported by China and India, who are the ones that spend the most hours reading per week.

“Reading is the meeting of all creators, in addition to all knowledge, creators and readers, in addition to all literary genres,” he said.

After highlight that we should feel proud because Guadalajara is currently the world capital of the bookaccepted that we cannot be satisfied with reading rates or taxes on books.

“But in the same way we should feel proud because never before have millions of people had the opportunity to have a good book in their hands and/or on their electronic devices,” he said.

Meanwhile, the doctor Paula Rodriguez Gonzalezdirector of the Bachelor’s degrees in Pedagogy and Educational Innovation and Psychopedagogy at UPAEP, announced that based on data from INEGI, “Between 2016 and 2021, the percentage of the population that reads books in digital format went from 6.1 to 21.5 percent; magazine readers increased from 2.6 to 21.6 percent; and those of digital newspapers, from 5.6 to 21.3 percent”.

He added: “71.6 percent of the population aged 18 and over who can read and write a message declared reading some of the materials considered above compared to 2016. There is a reduction of 9.2 percent in this population group. The average number of books read by the adult reader population in the last twelve months was 3.7 copies, a figure that had not been reached since 2017”.

He highlighted that The main factors for not reading are lack of time, lack of interest, motivation or pleasure in reading.

He said that the average number of books read by the reading population in the last twelve months reached higher rates, being mainly digital media. “Women declared having read more books than men, 3.9 and 3.5, respectively.”

He stated that most of the adult book reader population, 42.6 percent, stated that the main reason for reading books is entertainment, followed by reasons for work, study and general culture.

He added that the literature books were the most consumed, with 33.1 percent; followed by those of some subject or profession, text or university with 30.8 percent.

Likewise, he deplored that every day the consumption of mobile phone use increases and that it has displaced the book.

For his part, the teacher Michael Villanuevapublisher of literary content in Spain, remarked that reading is done from home and that it is from this place that literary consumption is encouraged, which is why he invited this practice to be promoted.

Similarly, he made it clear that it is not essential to start with the classics since any work can bring us closer to reading. At the same time, he made it clear that the reader’s first right is to leave the reading unfinished if they are not hooked or attracted to what the author presents.


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