The first plenary assembly of the year of CONADIBIO was held

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation brought together the leaders of the government areas, organizations and civil society that are part of the National Advisory Commission for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity (CONADIBIO), who participated in the first plenary assembly held this year.

The meeting was opened by the Secretary for Environmental Policy in Natural Resources of the National Ministry of the Environment, Beatriz Domingorena, who stated: “We assume our political and institutional responsibility for this sharing in the construction of consensus and also of tools that serve in our country to implement public policies. In this, the role of the State is fundamental and we have launched each of these actions in the face of federalism.”

“Our minister marked this issue on the agenda and gave us the responsibility to work hard on this type of action,” said Domingorena. Finally, she stated: “Possing the biodiversity agenda is a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary issue of the institutional public agenda, which is why this interaction is so important. I thank you and invite you to participate in this construction of collective consensus, because I know of the individual and collective struggle of each one of you to be able to put these issues on the agenda, and with responsibility and commitment to place them also in the executive action of each one of you. our provinces. Then, the challenge will be to put it on the international agenda to prioritize the position that Argentina poses in terms of biodiversity”.

During the development of the meeting, from the technical secretariat of CONADIBIO, in charge of the National Directorate of Biodiversity of the environmental portfolio, the agenda items and priority lines of action were addressed and the opening was made for the contributions by the members. and sectors represented, including the new post-2020 framework for biodiversity and the proposal for a national table to deal with the Nagoya Protocol.

For her part, during the closing of the day, the National Director of Biodiversity, Betania González, highlighted the beginning of work on the draft resolution to extend the term of validity of the Biodiversity Strategy until 2024 and underlined: “We are taking into account all the work that was carried out, especially in the transversal axes that emerged from the different work groups during the pandemic and that we will also take into account when updating the new strategy¨.

It is worth mentioning that CONADIBIO is the main area of ​​inter-institutional articulation to agree on policies and action plans on biodiversity, which includes State and non-governmental organizations. The purpose of this commission is the articulated management for the incorporation of biodiversity in decision-making, as well as the follow-up, through recommendations, of the National Biodiversity Strategy.

The meeting was also attended by technicians and references from the national Environment portfolios; Agriculture, Livestock and fishing; Education; Women, Genders and Diversity; and Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship. Representatives from the Federal Environment Council were present; National Service of Health and Food Quality; National Council for Scientific and Technical Research; National Service of Health and Food Quality; universities; the National Institutes of Seeds and Agricultural Technology; Ministry of Environment of the province of Buenos Aires and Production and Environment of Formosa.

The Secretaries of the Environment of Tierra del Fuego and Córdoba also participated; the Undersecretary of Environment and Biodiversity of Chaco; representatives of the Argentine Society for the Study of Mammals; of indigenous peoples (Assembly of Articulation of peoples of Kollasuyu, Kolla and ONPIA, Qom, Huarpe); the Vida Silvestre Argentina, Aves Argentinas and Environment and Natural Resources foundations; Eco House, Manekenk and Argentina Evaluation associations; Missionary Institute of Biodiversity and Biotechnology-IABIMO and VICAM organization.

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