Extended for the second time the tender to set up a market in the center of Rosario | Ecos365.com.ar

Extended for the second time the tender to set up a market in the center of Rosario | Ecos365.com.ar
Extended for the second time the tender to set up a market in the center of Rosario | Ecos365.com.ar

The project to set up the “Mercado del Centro”, a cultural and gastronomic venue in the area of ​​Plaza Montenegro (San Juan and San Martín) and annexed to the current Fontanarrosa Cultural Center, was once again truncated. As Ecos365 had anticipated, today was the deadline to buy the specifications and participate in the operation, while this Friday the opening of envelopes was scheduled, where those interested in fighting for the concession would meet.

However, the lack of proposals caused it to be extended for the second time for a term of 36 days, until next May 27. It is worth noting that this will be the third opportunity that the space will have to see if it manages to arouse the interest of the city’s gastronomic groups and players.

It is an initiative conceived within the government of Pablo Javkin with the aim of revitalizing a key area of ​​the downtown area of ​​Rosario. The tender that was launched for the first time at the beginning of this year had already been postponed once, also due to the lack of bidders. It was thus that the opening of envelopes with the proposals that was scheduled for March 4 was moved to April 22, with the aim of having time to encourage them to present themselves.

Now, it remains to be seen if indeed the third time is the charm and on May 27 they will be able to meet those who will fight to keep the new concession, which includes the possibility of setting up between 4 and 7 gastronomic premises of approximately 15 m2 each.

In dialogue with Ecos365, Rogelio Biazzi, General Coordinator of the Municipal Cabinet, pointed out that “a competition like the one we consider important for the exploitation of this site” was not detected and that the objective is to achieve a more complete offer and with a greater number of ideas.

Only one group had paid the $15,000 of the specifications to submit to the tender. This is Asgar, a company that manages a conglomerate of bars and restaurants in the city and that earlier, they confessed to Ecos365 that they had decided not to appear on this occasion. In this sense, Biazzi pointed out that the partners asked the Municipality to have more time to deal with the offer.

Another group that had probed the area is Grupo 83, which today is at the forefront of brands such as Ronnie, El Club de la Milanesa and Tea Connection, in others. However, they also confessed to Ecos365 that for the moment they were not going to apply to fight for space in the Rosario downtown.

It lacks gasoline

The factors that converge in the bidding not advancing are multiple. Undoubtedly, the fact that it is an ambitious offer in an area little explored in its commercial potential implies a certain risk on the part of the business groups. This, taking into account that it is a project conceived within the mayor’s government and not a tender of those that were inherited from previous mandates and that had been running for some time and demonstrating their functionality.

In turn, there is the fact that, according to the contract, only one company will be in charge of the concession and maintain links with the Municipality, although the fine print enables it to sublet the premises to third parties. In this sense, the logistical effort that whoever emerges as the winner of the tender will have to face is not less.

“On the part of the interested parties, it requires a very detailed study because it is an important initiative for the area that would include up to seven spaces in the same concession. We do not consider that it implies a large investment in terms of work, but a strong management capacity,” he said. Biazzi.

In turn, he considered that it is an area “in which we see great potential” and that one more month of extension is a “good time” to ensure that other groups and businessmen can internalize the project and resolve all their Doubts. This is why they plan to hold new meetings to try to tempt potential bidders.

revitalize downtown

The Mercado del Centro project is part of a larger plan that the municipality has been carrying out to revitalize the downtown area of ​​the city, which was badly hit after the pandemic and after the closure of important businesses such as, in its Greater weight, the Falabella exit of the former La Favorita building on the corner of Sarmiento and Córdoba.

However, in recent times, the Municipality has carried out renovations on the pedestrian streets of Avenida San Martin and Córdoba with the aim of improving their blocks and adding attractions to them. Different fairs and initiatives were also carried out in order to promote the circuit of people.

The opening of Rock and Fellers, where the Savoy Grand Café operates, cannot be left out. that sows hope about the possibility that the downtown will take a definitive boost since it is expected that the business will attract a large number of public and return movement to the area, especially at night.

It is also not a minor fact that diagonally from Plaza Montenegro there is an actor of such important weight for the center of Rosario as the Monumental Cinema. All these are incentives that the Municipality mentions when highlighting the project to add the Mercado del Centro to the city.

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