Labor IFE, Former Bono March and PGU today | Latest news, amounts and payment dates, April 22

Labor IFE, Former Bono March and PGU today | Latest news, amounts and payment dates, April 22
Labor IFE, Former Bono March and PGU today | Latest news, amounts and payment dates, April 22

The general economic situation does not look favorable in the country. The rise in the cost of living, materialized in the growth of inflation, has a negative influence on purchasing power, especially in sectors with fewer resources.

In this context, therefore, the aid provided by the state to the population takes on special importance. Currently, the most notable contributions from the Government are the Labor Emergency Family Income (IFE Laboral), the former March Bonus and the new Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU).

Labor IFE

This benefit consists of a direct monetary contribution to workers who find formal employment. It also aims to encourage the creation of new jobs in the country, after the increase in unemployment as a result of the confinement measures due to the health crisis.

Mainly, the IFE Laboral focuses on women, since they have been the most affected by the loss of employment. The aid, in this case, corresponds to 60% of the remuneration and includes a monthly cap of $250,000 pesos. On the other hand, the benefit figure for men amounts to 50% of their remuneration and can reach $200,000.

Workers who apply in April will be entitled to receive up to three months of pay, as long as they stay in their jobs. Meanwhile, those who apply in May and June 2022 will receive two and one month of payment.

The new Government, a few days ago, announced the extension of the aid until September. In this way, people who manage to find work within the period will receive the benefit until December 2022.

Former March Bonus

The Government’s contribution focuses on families with the least income in Chile. The amount received by households in the country changes every year and during 2022 it amounts to $52,710.

Since March 15, the payment corresponding to the third group of beneficiaries began. In February, the first payment of the contribution had been made and then, as of March 1, the second was made.


The Universal Guaranteed Pension seeks to benefit people over 65 years of age who prove 20 or more years of stay in Chile and who do not receive retirement or low amounts of it. The maximum amount of the State contribution amounts to $185,000.

To access social aid, applicants must meet certain requirements. These are: not belonging to a family group of the richest 10% of the population, having a base pension of less than $1,000,000 and not being a Dipreca or Capredena pensioner.

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