What the forensic report says about the injuries suffered by the former soccer player

What the forensic report says about the injuries suffered by the former soccer player
What the forensic report says about the injuries suffered by the former soccer player

Freddy Rincón was driving the Ford truck in which he crashed into a MÍO bus on Calle 5 with Carrera 34 in Cali, in the accident in which he lost his life on April 10, according to the forensic report of Medicine Legal, presented this Friday by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The report rules out that there was another person sitting in front of the wheel, who, according to some versions, would have fled the scene.

According to the explanations given by the deputy attorney general, Martha Janeth Mancera, and Jorge Eduardo Paredes, a forensic doctor from the Institute of Legal Medicine, at a press conference held this Friday in the bunker of the Prosecutor’s Office, Rincón, despite being a corpulent man, suffered a greater impact than those who accompanied him in the vehicle, because he was not wearing his seat belt properly.

See here the detailed report of how the accident that caused the death of Freddy Rincón occurred, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“If he had been the co-pilot, with his build, he must have had a very severe trauma on the right side of the body. In the clinical history or in the autopsy examination, this type of injury is documented. So much so, that it was never cast or handled by orthopedics. On the contrary, all his chest and abdomen organs were in good condition,” said coroner Jorge Paredes.

Paredes indicated that the belt of Freddy, who was corpulent, was incorrectly placed. And due to the accident and the strong movements of the impact, he was seriously injured due to “subdural hemorrhage and diffuse axonal damage”.

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In addition, he pointed out that the lack of a seat belt “allows strong movements with kinetic energy”, and, due to the violent movements in the crash, Rincón had a subdural hematoma in his brain.

“The subdural hematoma is a hemorrhage that occurs due to acceleration and deceleration movements, not due to contusive impact. And additionally, in the brain stem, it had a severe trauma,” said Paredes, indicating that this produced a state of unconsciousness.

“And that is how the structures of the brain, of the central nervous system such as blood vessels, present traumas and ruptures, due to biodynamic movement. I insist, it is not necessarily due to the impact,” he added.

According to the coroner, the co-pilot Manuela Patiño did have trauma and was left unconscious, “on the right side, external and internal.” And she pointed out that she survives because she was properly buckled up, because she was a skinny person, which she favored when the car was compressed into the car, and because she received urgent care.

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