Cuban actor participates in the rescue work after the explosion of the Hotel Saratoga

Cuban actor participates in the rescue work after the explosion of the Hotel Saratoga
Cuban actor participates in the rescue work after the explosion of the Hotel Saratoga

Cuban actor Tehrán Aguilar participates in the difficult rescue work from the rubble after the devastating explosion of the Hotel Saratoga on Friday in Havana, a tragic event that caused the death of dozens of Cubans.

Viewers on the island remember Aguilar for his leading role in the telenovela “Historias de Fuego,” where he plays an officer of a fire department in Havana. His approach to that world captivated him to later take a rescue and rescue technician course.

Now the actor is part of the group that explores the remains of the building day and night hoping to find, preferably, survivors.

“At 10:30 pm this Cuban is still writing and starring in a different, complex script, whose performance requires much more dedication and sacrifice. The dedication that, like the others who are here, makes him a daily hero, necessary, of drive,” wrote the journalist Dairon Caballero, of the Radio Habana Cuba station.

The same communicator explains that Aguilar decided to take a course as a technician after his role in the soap opera. Images of the actor in the affected area have been uploaded to social networks, highlighting his value.

“The actor Tehrán Aguilar lives today a shocking scene. From his performance in the Cuban novel Historias de fuego to a true and sad story that shakes everyone. Here his role is vital, he defines a chapter of great intensity for those who see him along with his companions looking for heartbeats, dreams of life” he wrote.

“Today is not about fiction, and there it is, where the actor Tehrán Aguilar is most useful. Thank you,” wrote Internet user Heydy Montes de Oca on Facebook.

“It is not a frame from a soap opera or series. It is our beloved actor Tehrán Aguilar in the rescue and salvage work in the Saratoga Hotel sinister, a real-life hero. Our admiration, pride and respect”, expressed the user Cubaactores Cuban Actors on Facebook.

“A great one, Tehran, and not only because of his stature but because of the size of his soul. Thank you,” said renowned Cuban actor Héctor Noas. In addition to his role in “Historias de fuego”, Aguilar participated in the Cuban soap operas “Vidas Cruzadas” and “Elcara de los dias”, and in 2005 he starred in the film “Bailando Cha Cha Chá”.

Also at the scene is Reinaldo Suárez López, a rescue technician who lost a leg in an accident while fulfilling a mission. In 1992, Suárez went with his companions to put out a fire in an ammunition warehouse belonging to a military unit in the municipality of Guanabacoa. A shell fragment exploded and shattered his right leg.

Work continues in the area affected by the devastating explosion at the hotel, associated with a gas leak. The authorities officially reported 32 deaths, a figure that could increase in the coming hours as rescue and rescue actions progress. The deaths include a pregnant woman and four minors.

The technicians have the support of a canine brigade to find people. Nearly twenty buildings were damaged by the strong explosion, including the Capitol, the Martí Theater, the headquarters of the Yoruba Association, the El Calvario Buddhist temple, and a primary school near the hotel.

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