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MLB: Yankees prospect fired for theft and fraud

adieu carrillo

New York, United States / 05.19.2022 12:00:14

The new york yankees they dropped their third-round pick from the 2019 Draft, Jake Sandfordfor allegedly Steal from your teammates and rip off club fans.

According to the newspaper new york postthe 24-year-old prospect was released last week, after an investigation by the organization showed that he had taken clothing from other players to sell it on the black market later.

The report also disclosed that various Bronx Bombers fans were scammed by Sanfordby buying him autographed items from the ninth New Yorker that were never delivered to them.

Also, a Source told the new york post that such actions may have been related to gambling debts the Yankees owed to the outfielder; however, the team declined to comment on the matter.

Jake Sandford It was in its third season minor leaguesplaying on the level rookie with Florida Complex League Yankeesninth to which he was assigned last April 6 from Hudson Valley Renegades.

This is not the first time that the New York club has faced such a situation, since in 2002 the prospect Ruben RiveraCousin of Mariano Riveraalso had to be released during spring training after steal Derek Jeter’s glove and bat to sell them later.

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