Promotion to La Liga 2022-2023: Which teams go up to the First Division

Promotion to La Liga 2022-2023: Which teams go up to the First Division
Promotion to La Liga 2022-2023: Which teams go up to the First Division

The fight is exciting. Three teams from the Second division Spanish 2021-22 will be the ones who play in Santander League 2022-23, with the dream of many fans being close to becoming a reality. who will leave LaLiga Smartbank this year to rub shoulders with the big clubs in Spain the next course? We start to reveal it…

Check here the updated classification of Second Division

Promotion system to LaLiga Santander

The Second Division is, together with the First Division, one of the only two categories with professional status in Spain, both under the protection of the National Professional Soccer League. But, obviously, everyone wants to participate in the First Division tournament. A privilege that only 20 clubs have each season.

However, 22 teams participate in the Second Division. At the end of the season, in which each team faces the remaining 21 once at home and once as a visitor, The team that obtains the most points is proclaimed champion of the Second Division and is promoted, along with the runner-up, to the First Division.

Second Division Playoffs

In addition, since the 2010-11 season, the winner of a promotion disputed between the third, fourth, fifth and sixth classifieds has also been promoted. The system of this promotion, known in Spain as Play-off, is from direct elimination to two games, facing the third with the sixth, as well as the fourth with the fifth; the two winners will go on to play a new round-trip tie, from which the the third team promoted to the First Division.

In the middle of 2011, LaLiga decided to dispense with the penalty shootout in the promotion play-offs. In the event of a tie in the ninety minutes of regulation and also in extra time, the team with the best ranking during the regular league will qualify or be promoted.

The vacant places of the promoted teams are filled by those who finish in the last three places in the First Division. For their part, the last four classified in the Second Division at the end of the season are relegated to RFEF First Divisionbeing replaced by the winners of promotion promotions in this category.

Which teams go up to LaLiga 2022-23

As of today, May 8, 2022, the Almeria, first classified, and the Eibar, second classified, they would be ascending directly to the First divisionwhile Valladolid, Tenerife, Girona Y Oviedo they would play the Playoff for the third promotion to LaLiga Santander. Check the updated ranking here.

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