Real Madrid: This is how Real Madrid sees the outcome of the ‘Mbapp soap opera’

The scenarios are constantly changing in this film that we have been watching for a year and a half. The euphoria of last week has given way to a strange feeling by which Kylian Mbapp and his entourage seemed to close the door on arrival at Real Madridsomething that has not happened.

Mbapp’s decision: the unexpected call that baffles Madrid

The lack of communication on the part of the Frenchman has confused some of the leaders of the Madrid entity, but not all of them, since some ventured for some time that the footballer was not going to make the decision until the last moment. And so it will happen.

Although it may sound strange what there is right now is ignorance of a decision that seemed safe with the word of the world champion in between. Real Madrid wanted silence until the Champions League final and what has been found is an endless story that has caused uncertainty by its absence of outcome, in any direction.

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The silence contrasts with the total predisposition of the player in recent times to communicate or deny the multitude of information that has been appearing. After giving the s, they have not had news again. Movement that has caused strangenessbut that gives reason to all those who thought of the white club that the anguish, despite everything that was said, was going to last until the endlet’s go until Mbapp left Paris for Madrid.

proper steps

For Valdebebas they are convinced that what has been done during the last months has been the right thing, that the appropriate steps have been taken at all times. First respecting PSG and then reaching an agreement that is not broken, although it is in doubt. From Real Madrid they deny that there has been any blackmail or anything like that during these last days. Some movements that have occurred this week have been surprising, but no one has called to demand or ask for more money.


Mbapp: “My choice is almost taken”

The feeling you have right now in the noble zone of the madridista entity is that of the uncertainty. There is no other way to wait. The countdown has already started, but the idea was to have all the cards in hand, something that does not happen. There is no drama, but there is anguish at a decision that Mbapp did not want to make public for now. There are no dramas and there are none because from the beginning they knew that everything happened through personal decision of a footballer subject to all kinds of pressure and who likes to feel and be the center of attention.

There is no club involved like last summer and I know the will of a person. That is why they have always repeated: “Until he’s at the Bernabu…”. Despite everything at the moment there are no dramas. And in case of receiving a negative, Real Madrid will continue to grow and look towards other goals. Do not hesitate.

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