Modern Warfare 2 may be shown soon, Infinity Ward anticipates Ghost

Modern Warfare 2 would be revealed soon because Infinity Ward is anticipating it with an image of Ghost on his Twitter. The study’s account on the social network has been “off and dark” since last Friday.

the imminent Ad of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is getting closer to revealing itself. The sequel to 2019’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare by Infinity Ward It would arrive this year as the studio begins to play with Ghost.

And it is that we have already spent many months of rumors and advances that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 would be the installment of 2022. Several insiders such as Tom Henderson have assured the same, which seems increasingly clear.

And if this were not enough, the company

published in February: “What do we call it? Only wrong answers?“next to an image that reads that”This year’s Call of Duty is the sequel to Modern Warfare 2019“.


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This past Friday, April 22, the activision studio ‘went out’ in their RRSS. Both her avatar and the header that appear on her Twitter are completely black.

But from VGC they have seen something else in the latter, and of course you can also do it. More than anything because everything is not as dark as it seems and in the background you can see ‘something’.

Although it is complicated to do it, when increasing its brightness the silhouette of one of the pCharacters best known and famous by fans of the Call of Duty saga.

The character who first appeared in Modern Warfare 2 -and appeared along with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered- appears in this image that left ‘hidden’ Infinity War.

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Robin WilliamsNintendo

At the moment and apart from all this, Modern Warfare Remastered could be the first Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch.

The campaign would be centered around the drug war with the Colombian cartel. Sources say his single player story is “grittier than Modern Warfare 2019“.

With more melee combat, a variety of tough decisions, and some classic moments from various scenarios of the Call of Duty saga.

Along with this, close sources have assured that Modern Warfare 2 will be published along with a new Warzone map. The third, because right now Caldera is still very hot.

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What Verdansk which is based on Modern Warfare 2019, the new map will have several classic points of interest. Although it seems that this map is also going to host the third mode of Modern Warfare.

In this the sources describe it to be a mix of PvP and PvP similar to Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode.

The game mode does not yet have a name, but it is said to have been in development for several years. Players are expected to compete against cartel AI alongside their friends.

All this to complete a series of missions with objectives within the same map from MW2 Warzone.

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