The mayor of Trujillo Alto agrees to meet with the municipal legislature to answer questions

The mayor of Trujillo Alto agrees to meet with the municipal legislature to answer questions
The mayor of Trujillo Alto agrees to meet with the municipal legislature to answer questions

The mayor of Trujillo Alto, Jose Luis Cruz Cruzagreed to hold a meeting with members of the municipal legislature of that town to answer questions about the alleged federal investigation against him for corruption.

Through a letter, dated Thursday, April 21, the official responded to the invitation extended to him on April 18 by the caucus of the majority of the Democratic People’s Party (PPD) “to widely discuss all the issues that have been raised in the press known to all legislators.”

However, in the document held by The new dayCruz Cruz establishes that the meeting would take place with the participation of all the legislators of that body, and this was confirmed by the president of the assembly, Maria de Lourdes Zayas German.

“The letter tells us that yes, indeed, he is going to meet with us. But he is not going to meet only with the majority caucus, but with the entire legislature. Then he will tell me specifically the day, but it will be the first week of May”the official said in a telephone interview.

“Today I feel calmer because I had a response to our letter. We will be able to meet with the mayor and ask the questions, because everyone is worried because why haven’t we met? For me this letter is a relief, an advance”, he added.

Letter from the mayor of Trujillo Alto granting a meeting to the legislature by El Nuevo Día on Scribd

He also assured that at the meeting he will strictly address the questions that have arisen among legislators since an alleged federal investigation against the mayor or agreements with federal agencies became public, as well as his intention to resign.

Zayas Alemán indicated that, if it materializes, it would be the first time in more than a month that the entire municipal legislature meets with the mayor, who did not answer calls from this medium made this morning.

“In terms of the entire legislature, there has been no meeting for more than four weeks. I can’t tell you when the last meeting we had was, but it could be more than a month. The last time we met was at a legislative conference, where we discussed all the pending work, with the caucus (of the PDP) as such. But in terms of the whole body as such (we did not meet) much longer ago, ”he pointed out without specifying.

Sources from this newspaper assure, however, that a formal meeting between the Municipal Assembly of Trujillo Alto and the mayor has not taken place since the latter was sworn in for his fourth term last year.

“The mayor does not go through the legislature since his oath. The one who did pass for everything was his right hand and his assistant Radamés Benítez. For everything,” said one of the sources.

Benítez was accused by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in San Juan, last december 9, for an alleged bribery scheme that included an agreement to pay $0.75 for 23,000 households to have their trash picked up by the Waste Collection. At the end of the month, the executive assistant of the Municipality of Trujillo Alto received $17,250, through kickback.

Questioned about what transpired yesterday during the ordinary assembly that held the plenary session, Zayas Alemán indicated that all the legislators were satisfied when the mayor’s response was presented and “no one asked questions about the situation.”

This medium learned that Cruz Cruz was yesterday at the mayor’s office. The mayor also visited the abandoned facilities of what was the Nuestra Señora de Covadonga school.

The information was confirmed through a publication on the municipality’s Facebook page, where the mayor appears in two photos taken in the facilities of the old school campus.

Post made on April 21 on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Trujillo Alto, where Mayor José Luis Cruz Cruz can be seen. (Capture)

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