A tribute to the Spanish language

Reading aloud and uninterruptedly the universal novel El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, was our initiative to pay tribute to Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra on the anniversary of his death.
At that time he was in his fourth year of studies and all the boarding students, depending on their shift, put on a ruff, a typical accessory of 17th century attire, to take turns reading day, night and early in the morning.
Certainly, we couldn’t fall asleep, but the masterpiece of the Spanish language deserved the sacrifice.
The idea came from the Doctor of Science Freddy León, professor of Linguistics specializing in Spanish Literature, of whom I have a special and valuable memory; one of his legacies was teaching me to love our language, respect it and extend his instruction to the youngest.
And it is that precisely on April 23, there is a significant advocacy for the care of Spanish, an international language that already has more than 450 million speakers in the world.
The event has its origin in the year 100926, when the Valencian writer Vicente Clavel proposed the idea of ​​a special day to pay homage to literature. The commemoration was organized by the Cervantes Institute to celebrate the importance of this linguistic code.
Since 1964, the festivity has been adopted by all the Spanish-speaking countries, who felt identified with an event that touched them closely, since the articulated language constitutes our main means of communication.
The date acquires greater connotation because on this day William Shakespeare died on the Julian calendar and in different years the Inca Garcilazo de La Vega and Vladimir Nabokov died, all of them, in a masterly way and according to the time in which they lived, made great contributions to language and literature.
The respect and correct use of the Spanish language is today our main commitment and we make sure that our children imitate us to keep our culture and identity intact.

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